What does “public safety” mean to you? 

  • 7 March 2022
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Hi Guardians, 

You all bring so much diverse training, professional, and lived experience to this community and I would love to learn what “public safety” means to you?


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Something I really learned only after I left the field was the breadth of who else is involved, public works / highway maintenance, public health, environmental services / code enforcement, animal control.  Depending upon your agency, you may have a deeply intertwined relationship - or none at all, yet they are still in the business of public safety.

To me, public safety means taking care of the people around you, whether your team members, neighbors or business operators in your area.  Providing support and care goes beyond physical protection, focusing on emotional and mental wellness as well.  :relaxed:

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To me, public safety goes well beyond the services that are most often associated with the words.  In addition to the traditional groups of emergency service providers there are numerous government and non government agencies whos work all comes together to form the umbrella of safety and the overall well being of a community.  It is when all of these agencies share some sort of relationship with or through one another, and work in concert toward the common goal of good for all, equally served, that a balanced and sustainable feeling of well being throughout a community can be realized.     

Having ran a 911 Center and Dispatched, the first thing that comes to mind is PROTECTION. Protection in all ways.  The Fire Department would protect my home from burning down. The Ambulance/EMS would protect me from dying.  The Police Department would protect me from a number of different scenarios.  But as a Dispatcher, it was my job protect MY men and women on duty ( I say MY because you become such a family).  I needed to make sure that every one of them went home every day at the end of their shift.  So anything I could use or think of that would make me a better dispatcher I wanted it.  

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What does public safety mean to you?  This is a question not too often asked to the great people who are directly involved in public safety.   To me public safety means being committed to serve the community by treating all with respect, compassion, and fairness.  Maintaining a safe, orderly, and enjoyable environment for our residents, patrons, and visitors so that they can enjoy all of what the township has to offer.  In addition, knowing that when called upon I will be there to help.

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I agree with many on this blog who say that public safety is far more reaching than the common thought of public safety. Sure, public safety involves protecting and safeguarding the public through the use of our law enforcement, fire, paramedic assets and the like. However, public safety extends well beyond this. We need government agencies, non-profits, faith-based organizations, health organizations, homeless outreach and on and on to create true public safety. From food insecurities, to homelessness, to criminal behavior...all fall under the umbrella of public safety. When we are able to protect the general public from all harm we have achieved public safety.