How The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Trained on Mark43 RMS in 13 Days

  • 31 December 2021
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How The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Trained on Mark43 RMS in 13 Days
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The Challenge


The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) serves the third-most populous county in Oregon with approximately 500 sworn and civilian staff. In 2018, the department began to outgrow its homegrown records management system (RMS) as the county urbanized and crime began to increase. CCSO migrated to Versaterm’s RMS which quickly proved to be a costly and destructive investment. The Versaterm implementation took roughly 3,000 hours and cost the agency significant overtime pay. Post-deployment, deputies felt that Versaterm was clunky, slow, and cumbersome for entering data. Reporting time increased and crime analysis suffered as a result.


The Solution


In order to quickly course correct, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office opted for Mark43’s user-friendly and cloud-based RMS. The department chose Mark43 for its modern look-and-feel and dedicated team of implementation specialists. The difference was immediately felt on the front-line. “With Mark43, the ease of which deputies can enter and manage reports is 100x better than it was before,” shared Captain Rhodes. Furthermore, the Mark43 implementation process took roughly 10% of the time and resources of the Versaterm implementation.



The Results


With the help of Mark43’s implementation and training team, the entire 500 sworn and civilian Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office staff was fully trained on Mark43 RMS in just 13 days. CCSO saved thousands of dollars in overtime pay during the implementation and was able to train more personnel on the software as a result. “We trained deputies on the job in four hours. By hour five they were on the road, deployed successfully, and happily using Mark43 for data entry and management.”



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