How to Request a New Group

  • 26 December 2021
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How to Request a New Group
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Creating a group is a great way to connect with other community members from around the world.  Want to talk about your favorite sports team with someone across the country?  Have an interest in sharing your loadout best practices and want to learn more about others?  Put in a request to create a group!


How do I request a new group?


To request a group, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a post in the Group Request category that shares your idea for a group

  2. In your post, please answer the following questions:

    1. What would you like to name the group?

    2. Who would this group be for?

    3. How would individuals benefit from this group?

    4. What sort of topics would you like to cover in this group?

    5. Would you be willing to serve as a group owner?

  3. Promote your group to other community members by tagging them in the comments of your post, direct messaging them, or sharing a link to your post.


How can I get my group request approved?


A minimum of five individuals (in addition to the group requester) sharing interest in joining a group is necessary for creation. Please have your interested members reply to the original post in order for that group to be approved. Groups will be made public and all community members will be allowed to join unless the need for privacy is discussed with the Mark43 Community Team . We will also require at least one individual to be designated as a group owner


What is expected of group owners?


Group owners are responsible for cultivating and creating a safe and inclusive experience for members of their group . While we will not require a minimum amount of activity in a group initially, we may review activity across groups at some point in the future and consider archiving groups that appear to be inactive. Here are some ideas group owners can use to keep their groups active:

  1. Create daily, weekly, or monthly engagements – share memes, quotes or setup check-ins. Having consistency can help keep your group active

  2. Host a meetup – host a game night, happy hour, or Netflix watch party with your group. Enjoy the experience of connecting with like-minded individuals.

  3. Tag other members – welcome new members to the group, connect individuals who you think might get along, and frequently engage the audience when you post by tagging individuals.

 Who can request a new group?


Anyone! Mark43 customers, partners, and public community members are all welcome to request groups.

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This is just a proposal since Guardian is just getting started. If you are interested in this group, like this post, message me, etc. Not sure how to attract more people to this response, but I figured I’d get the ball rolling. 


  1. What would you like to name the group? Analytics Module (Data Explorers)

  2. Who would this group be for?  Analytics Data Explorers (users with permissions to create dashboards) 

  3. How would individuals benefit from this group? Sharing creative solutions to data/platform limitations, Asking/Responding to “how-to” questions, sharing successes.

  4. What sort of topics would you like to cover in this group? Data limitations, exporting PDFs, creating custom dimensions/measures/table calculations, creative solutions, etc.

  5. Would you be willing to serve as a group owner? --I’d prefer to serve in a facilitator role, but I’d rather have a Mark43 team member be the owner and actively engage other group members.

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Great to hear, Jaycee! We will work to create this group this week for you.


Warm regards,


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@Jaycee.Elliott Thank you for suggesting the creation of an Analytics group. Andre got it all setup. I submitted my first post in there today on the basics of Custom Fields. If you have any specific questions you’d like to post for discussion to help kick things off, the group can be found here.


David Schwindt