Do you engage in community outreach around fire safety (and pets)?

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500,000 pets are impacted by home fires every year, according to the American Kennel Club. At local events in their communities, many fire departments take time to discuss fire safety with families, and pets may not be part of that conversation.


If your agency discusses pet fire safety during community engagements (local events, visits to schools, field trips, etc.) or participates in National Pet Fire Safety Day, we want to feature you in an upcoming blog. 


We will publish the blog on July 15, which is National Pet Fire Safety Day.


Whether you have formal events or just share information during every day community interactions, we’d love to write about the community engagement.


A quick personal example: The local fire department responded to a call through my security monitoring company after a fire in my kitchen. I was able to put the fire out myself thanks to a fire extinguisher I keep in my kitchen, but because firefighters were already at my house we had a quick conversation about my fire safety plan. This quick conversation (which lasted only a couple of minutes) helped me better place my monitored smoke detector and provided me information on how to register my pet with the local department in case of a fire when I’m not home.

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