Evidence Item Barcode in Data Lake?

  • 3 October 2023
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Hello all,


I am developing an external dashboard for our evidence techs with data sourced from the data lake. Does anyone know if the barcode serial number is stored in the data lake and which table/view I can locate it? 


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The Barcode value is stored in [evd].[barcodes].  Every time you create/print a barcode label a new barcode value is generated; so, an evidence item could have multiple barcode values.  Mark43 barcode value is crazy to look at -- 000000FOUYX7B.

Here is one quick way to see the barcode values for held evidence:

SELECT TOP (1000) loc.[storage_location_name], b.[value] AS [Bar Code]
FROM [analytics_evd].[vw_evidence_items_live_storage] loc
INNER JOIN [evd].[barcodes] b ON loc.[master_item_id] = b.[entity_id]
WHERE loc.[storage_location_name] IS NOT NULL 

I’ve not tried this through Analytics.



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Cheers Tom, thank you! I guess I could have looked at the table names more closely… Odd that my metadata query against table and column names didn’t yield this result. I probably misspelled ‘barcode’.