Analytics Product Update - Removal of Left Side Panel

  • 25 July 2023
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On Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 Mark43 will be removing the left side panel from the Analytics module.

Mark43 creates a side panel on the left side of the Analytics module that allows users to list and navigate to various dashboards.



After a recent upgrade to Looker, the embedded application that powers Mark43’s Analytics module, users began experiencing extended load times for Analytics. While Looker was loading as expected in the right panel, the left panel was taking a long time to populate.

Looker has its own navigation feature that is available by clicking the folder icon near the upper right corner. The folder icon will toggle the Folder Content panel open and closed. 



Looker’s Folder Content feature has a number of benefits over the legacy Mark43 side panel:​​​​

  • After a recent Looker upgrade, Mark43’s legacy side panel began taking a long time to load
    • Looker’s Folder Content feature loads immediately with the embedded application
  • Mark43’s legacy side panel orders dashboards based on the date/time the dashboard was created
    • Looker’s Folder Content feature orders dashboards and Looks alphabetically
  • Mark43’s legacy side panel does not list Looks; it only lists dashboards
    • Looker’s Folder Content feature lists dashboards and Looks
  • Mark43’s legacy side panel does not list Favorites
    • Looker’s Folder Content feature includes a Favorites folder

By removing the left panel, users will experience a faster load time for the analytics module and have all of their content available using a single feature. This change is expected to further improve the user experience of the Analytics module.

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1 reply

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If it speeds the module up this is a welcomed update!!!  Thanks David!